My Summer Vacation

During July on my vacation in Spain, a woman told me she came to live in Barcelona from Ecuador because she went there on vacation and, “simply decided not to go back.”  Inspiration finds its way to us no matter where we are, doesn’t it?

In this case, I wrote this story while in El Salvador in October.  It’s never seen the light of day … until NOW!

First, the photo prompt — thank-you, Renee!


Now, the story.


Mom and Dad came to the wedding  — an overseas trip to an open-air house of cement bricks, tiles and a toilet that flushes with a bucket of water.

Sure, Dad could have chided me about leaving a good-paying job, never coming back from vacation from what he called, “a sweat-box with palm trees.”  I didn’t tell them what kind of work I have.  I don’t have any work. I told Mom and Dad all they REALLY needed to know:

Love happens fast in Central America — just not the part where it happened nine months ahead of schedule!

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30 Responses to My Summer Vacation

  1. yerpirate says:

    Ah..sun, sand, sea, seduction and the sex word I think..!

  2. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Kent,

    Love is where you find it, not where your parents want it to be, as you stellar story ably shows.



  3. Tom Poet says:

    Wow… well told in so few words. Great job.

  4. rich says:

    uh oh. nine months. better start shopping. or packing. well done.

  5. Sandra says:

    Very nicely done. Mom and Dad will be pleased…

  6. muZer says:

    Am sure Mom Dad will make peace with it some day! 🙂 Enjoyed reading.

  7. Los abuelos better be brushing up on their Spanish. ¡Buen trabajo, Primo!

  8. A lot can happen on a vacation, I guess. 🙂 Still, sounds like a pretty good life.

    • wmqcolby says:

      If you want something primitive, yeah. I’d probably get bored after awhile (read: I’d need a REAL good reason to knock her up outside of carelessness mixed with stupidity!)

  9. Brilliant, this is a vacation with consequences. Love it.

  10. Mom and dad are going to have to get over it sometime. 😉

  11. Joyce says:

    A very good story. Life happens and we celebrate with him however he/she came about. Sounds like a few sailor stories I have hear my brother tell me before.

  12. tedstrutz says:

    ‘simply decided not to go back’… Interesting concept. Wish I had done that a few times. I liked your story.

  13. Hi Kent,
    Liked the international flavor of this piece, and the adventurous nature of your narrator, and the fact that love is where you find it. Ron

  14. Joe Owens says:

    What happens in Central america stays in Central America! I was told years ago when i was a teen by my best friend’s father that “Love is geographical!” I did not fully understand it then, but this story is a great take on that principle. Hooray fro him for doing the right thing and being the dad and husband.

  15. rgayer55 says:

    dear Kent,
    I loved the part about telling the parents all the really needed to know. How true. I’m sure they’ll be glad to come back when they hear about the little bambino.

  16. billgncs says:

    can’t plan love, that’s the truth, fine story.

  17. Parul says:

    Love is blind and how!
    Good piece Hope all’s well in your muse’s life eventually

  18. I admire your character’s committment.

  19. deanabo says:

    Sometimes parents dont really need to know everything!

  20. Sunshine says:

    happy times ahead…i love your story. 🙂

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