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Don’t Eat The Salad!

If you have had children, then … well, you KNOW stuff like this happens.   Based on a true story that, once again, I couldn’t let get away, I present to you my friends. Thanks, Claire for the pic (even … Continue reading

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Opinions Are Like That

Everybody’s got one. Sandra has one — a great photo prompt this week! Rochelle has one — my submission. And I need one … NOW!   I eyed the “new thing” on the porch.  “And Ray got this from where?” … Continue reading


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Gnarled Barkley and the Man

In memory of Roger Ebert, a Hollywood-type story.  Thanks, Scott V. for a sweet pic! “I was in The Wizard of Oz, you know.” “What?  AGAIN with the story …???” “The director had me throw an apple a certain way.  … Continue reading

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