What Were You Thinking?

Photo by El Appleby (thanks, El).  Friday Fictioneers gets it’s leadership from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.




“Well, it’s about TIME you checked in.”


“Sorry, Cuz, couldn’t get a cellphone signal out.”


“So, how’s Europe?”


“Spain tomorrow, Italy Tuesday.  Oh, I had tea with the Appleby’s this afternoon.  They say hello!”


“Cool!  I just loved the picture you sent of EL’s ‘pet’ Ele-gir-ty-bra-phant.  It looks so scary!”


“She got the inspiration from her husband.  He gave it to her as a gift.”


“I see.  Did he make it himself from various stuffed animals?”


“No.  He saw it walking in the woods. They live near this nuclear plant, see?  And …”




“Rochelle …?  Rochelle …?  Hello …?”



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35 Responses to What Were You Thinking?

  1. Nuclear plant, eh? That explains a lot!


  2. Giggles… I can just picture this convo taking place…lol! 🙂

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. poor Rochelle.
    Stepped on a by a nuclear thud-a-mus.

  5. Jan Brown says:

    I fear Rochelle will be glowing when she comes home from her trip–and not the natural bronze glow from the sun!

  6. Shainbird says:

    Smart take! Loved it!

  7. Trudy says:

    Well, it’s true that we have three eyed fish in the North Sea – and they bred a Zedonk at Colchester Zoo, so you might be scarily prescient in this tale!

  8. elappleby says:

    You made me laugh!
    It’s all true – we’re just a few short miles from Bradwell Nuclear Power Station – disused now, but the effects linger on, just ask my two-headed neighbour and their son/daughter if you don’t believe me 🙂

    • wmqcolby says:

      HAHAHAHA! Rochelle told me later that the animal was indeed a gift from your husband. Who knew? You mean I got the nuclear plant part right, too?????


  9. Kwadwo says:

    That’s one serious mutation.
    What happened to Rochelle, by the way? Was the call disconnected?

  10. Sandra says:

    Such an original idea! 🙂

  11. Another nuclear creature! Just like Godzilla, the ants in “Them,” the 50 Foot Woman … and yet he’s so cute! Nicely done story.

  12. elmowrites says:

    heehee, you give me a good laugh this morning, thank you!

  13. 40again says:

    Brilliant idea. Great story just loved it. Still chuckling at the images in my head…

  14. rgayer55 says:

    I’m busting a gut here, Kent. You killed me with this one, buddy!

  15. Shreyank says:

    hahaha… Thud.. (that was me falling off my table laughing)
    El’s photo is creating a storm of ideas and this week has been an enjoyable read for me..

  16. zookyworld says:

    A funny take on the photo — look out for those strange animals by the nuclear power plant!

  17. Hmm, I guess they’re lucky it’s not 100 feet tall as well.

  18. neenslewy says:

    Oh my! Darker and darker, the ending horrified me a little!
    The darker stories have the shock value this week as many of us have taken off in flights of fantasy – come to think of it – all it needs are wings!

  19. hahahahahahaha….. pause for air…. hahahahahahahaha
    Very funny, darling!

  20. kz says:

    LOL oh my, poor Rochelle! nuclear plant, now that explains the freaky creature ^^ hilarious (and a little scary ) ^^

  21. petrujviljoen says:

    Laughed out Loud, as they say.

  22. I bet it glows in the dark too… 🙂

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