A Soundbite in da Butt!


I work in live television in the mornings, therefore, I am privy to the craziness that goes on … especially while we’re broadcasting!  Recently, I started a new blog called “So Nice To Media!” which is based on that craziness.

I brought a sample that fits the prompt, actually (so I went a few words over, sue me).  Each entry is short, therefore, readable. It is typed in SCRIPT form as opposed to prosaic with the distinctive typeface of the old-fashioned typewriter.

Our Managing Editor is Rochelle “Wish-I-Could-Write-A-Script-So-Kent-Will-Stop-Bugging-Me-About-It” Fields.

Our Camera Operator is Rich Voza  (thanks, Rich, this is a cool photo!)

Please stand-by …



MALE ANCHOR:  This weekend our weatherman here decided to drop in unannounced.

FEMALE ANCHOR [to weatherman]:  You do this all the time?

WEATHERMAN: I was going to help him with the doors.

MALE ANCHOR: So, my wife let him in and I didn’t know he was here and I had just come out of the bathroom after I was cleaning the toilet!

FEMALE ANCHOR:  And you were in your BIRTHDAY SUIT, right?

MALE ANCHOR [laughing]:  Um, no, I wasn’t, Martha.  Now, I don’t know what YOU do at YOUR house …

[In the director’s booth]

DIRECTOR [to producer; bottle in hand]:  How many aspirins you want?

PRODUCER [head in hands]:  Thirty’s a good start …

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9 Responses to A Soundbite in da Butt!

  1. Ha… those anchors seem to be a little bit hard to control

  2. Kent Bonham says:

    You are SO right, Bjorn. And that’s why the show is the most-watched. You never know what they are going to do. It’s like a train wreck. You want to hide your eyes, but you open them because you don’t want to miss anything.

  3. Dear Kent,

    Is this one of those “you can’t make up this kinda stuff” scripts? The last line says it all. Of course I’m picturing the players.



  4. Dear Kent,

    I like your idea, the format and the last line is such a classic. I can see this happening, like Frank Chirkanian in the booth in the movie, Tin Cup. You’re on to something here, Kent.



  5. I can’t imagine the pressures of all of that live. The anchors praying they don’t fart or say something unintentionally bad, and the directors just praying it all goes well.

  6. JKBradley says:

    Two things: I liked the feel of your banter; I liked the screenplay format, that has never crossed my mind. Thanks for sharing.

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