Work With Me Annie … WHAT???


Pitching for the Friday Fictioneers, Rochelle Wisoff-“Fields Of Dreams.”

Batting for the team, designated hitter Doug MacIlroy with his terrific photo.

The title is from an old song banned on radio back in the 1950’s called “Work With Me Annie.”  Google it.  Also Google Sixty Minute Man.  I’m too embarrassed as it is.



He waved the disc in front of her. “Movie?”

“OK.”  She sat back on his couch, legs crossed, as he popped it into the player and sat beside her.

“Like the tea lights?”

“Love ‘em.  What’s the movie, anyway?”

“Bull Durham.”

She jumped off the couch.  “So THAT’S what you had planned, huh?  After the movie, then what?  You’re going to be my ‘Sixty-Minute Man?’   What’s next?  Nail polish and tea lights in the bathroom while we …?”

“Hey, wait a minute … ”

She slammed the door on her way out.  Game over, date over.

He sighed.  “Movie buffs … never again!”


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39 Responses to Work With Me Annie … WHAT???

  1. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Kent,

    Three really good stories in a row, and this one a home run. I’m a fan in the cheap seats holding up a ‘K’ (for Kent) sign. Well done.



  2. Dear Q,

    Movie buffs indeed. Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn but I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Just say “jowls.” I’ll know.

    You hit a homer with this one, Cuzzin-O-Mine. 😀

    Kirk out,

    Mojo Fields of Dreams.

  3. MM Jaye says:

    Bull Durham? Really? Chronicle of a date bust foretold. Loved the story though 🙂
    Greetings from Greece!
    Maria (MM Jaye)

  4. Now, this is truly something where I could, in all sincerity, write “LOL!” (an abbreviation I never use, as a rule) — actually, it was more a “ChOl” (chuckle out loud)! Fun and funny story!

  5. rgayer55 says:

    Well, at least he was a Sixty Second Man. The poor guy struck out before he got in the batter’s box.

  6. Poor guy — he never stood a chance.

  7. Ha! Poor guy…live and learn, I guess. Great story 🙂

  8. elappleby says:

    I did a lot of googling here – I checked the songs out, then I had to check the film (sorry, movie) out. I feel like I could now write a dissertation on… what? The contents of Kent’s mind maybe?
    Funny stuff – I pity the guy for putting in all that effort and getting nothing in return.

  9. wmqcolby says:

    Well, if you look on YouTube for the “Sixty Minute Man” sequence from Bull Durham, you’ll understand the story better.

    Was my mind in the gutter? Probably …

  10. Wow! I certainly miss the cultural references here. But other comments suggest this is a good piece so I’ll go with the crowd and award you three stars..

  11. Kent, I guess you’d call that a failure to communicate. They didn’t communicate their likes and dislikes to each other before the date. It pays to be honest. Either that or he’s dating, or attempting to date, girls that are too smart for him. You can’t have everything. Well written. 🙂 —Susan

  12. duskyisbeautiful says:

    Hey there, thanks for the fixes…Nice story here.Felt sorry for the guy though…clean bowled on the very first ball 😉

  13. K.Z. says:

    if you want to get the girl, watch a chick flick or in my case, an old Hollywood film in black and white. lol dating disasters, thank god i’m over that sort of thing

    • wmqcolby says:

      I agree, KZ. CASABLANCA! I’m a film buff and I really dig the old black and white ones myself.

      Speaking of disasters, someone asked Charles Schulz why Charlie Brown never won a ball game (well, a couple of games WERE won over the years the comic was going on). Schulz said, “Well, winning is great and it’s neat and everything, but failure is hilarious.”
      Something to think about, huh? 😉


  14. Live and learn. Casablanca next time for sure,

  15. Dear Kent, Casablanca would have been a wiser choice – I agree with KZ. Very funny story and you make me laugh! Nan 🙂

    • wmqcolby says:

      Well, thanks, Nan! I don’t feel i even tried this week. I was so lost for ideas. Casablanca is a GREAT film. It is always ranked 1 or 2 on lists.

  16. Anita says:

    Date gone wrong! Maybe the next time he’ll pick a nice RomCom- romantic-comedy movie 🙂
    Anyway, lesson learnt 🙂 Nice story!

  17. maru clavier says:

    Wrong move, at least with that girl. I wonder which was the mistake, the movie or the girl.

    • wmqcolby says:

      As I was writing, I assumed it was the movie. Bad choice for maybe a first date (which is kind of how I saw it). I would have selected something a little more benign, something with far less objectionable material. On the other hand, you brought up a good point. Maybe it WAS the girl, too.

  18. Game over, date over. Oh, sad but true. How many times has THAT happened?

  19. Having seen Bull Durham over 20 years ago I was kind of at a loss here, but I enjoyed your story. That guy could well be me! Multiple times.

  20. Wonder what Movie would have been the right one… hmm not easy.

  21. glutenfreeandhepc says:

    That was hilarious – she made ALOT of assumptions … but that’s women for you … LOL!

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