I remember a statistic in high school that said more people would choose to die than speak in front of an audience.  

Can you think of similar things … things so simple you don’t want to do but would prefer something grandiose to it?  That was the case when Hickman, an off-duty police officer, got into a gunfight beside his fellow on-duty officer Carson.

Chief Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is commander of the Friday Fictioneers Precinct.

Lieutenant Ted Strutz gave us the photo.  Thanks, Ted.



Carson whipped his gun from the holster. “Get down!  DOWN!”   


“Hickman, you see him?”

Off-duty Hickman eyed the balcony.  “I see him.  Let me try something.”

“Be careful.”


Hickman darted across the street.


He ran up the back fire escape, jumped the gunman from behind in mid-reload.  Hickman almost choked him.  “Drop it!  You heard me.  I said, DROP IT!”

Minutes later, the back-up wagon took the gunman away.  “Great job, Hick.  Glad you’re here.  That was pretty rough.”

“No, I’m glad it happened … I hate going to the dentist.”








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40 Responses to Interrupted

  1. elappleby says:

    As a certain person says (a lot) HAHAHAHAHA!!!! (Hope I got the accent right there)
    This made me laugh out loud, and I am 100% behind him too – I have only recently found a dentist I can bear to see, and even though he’s now moved to a different practice miles away, I still go to see him rather than risk a new one.
    Great story – loved the action – I was right there in the thick of it.

  2. wmqcolby says:

    As they say in the oil business, “Looks like we struck a gusher!” We’ll make an American of you yet!
    Thanks. El! I’m glad it worked.

  3. znjavid says:

    That was really funny! Nicely done!

  4. glutenfreeandhepc says:

    I hate going to the dentist too. Fab writing. Is that a Washington ferry? 🙂 Or are you in England? 🙂 Inquiring minds and all that. 😉

  5. Oh, the lengths we’ll go to delay the inevitable! I really appreciated the onomatopoeias- it really infused the piece with lively action! Awesome story!

    • wmqcolby says:

      Thanks, Adelie! I had no idea I wrote in onomatopoeia. 😉 Plus, I thought to myself that I hadn’t written a good action story in awhile, so it worked out.

    • MM Jaye says:

      I have to chime in here as you’re speaking Greek and it’s not Greek to me at all! Kudos for the onomatopoeia, and the clever, funny story!

      Greetings from Greece!
      Maria (MM Jaye)

  6. Phew, I am glad it is only the dentist he is afraid of.

  7. I was wondering when someone would write about that stairway. Glad it was you. This is a really fun story. Cheers.

  8. Sandra says:

    That was really action-packed. I could almost hear the guns going off. Great take on the prompt. Dentists… inspiring kind of people. They inspire me to run.

    • wmqcolby says:

      I actually had a dentist appointment yesterday. No problem, but it was timely. I have a good dentist just near my house.
      Yeah, I thought it had been awhile since I wrote a good high velocity action piece. Why not?
      Thanks, Sandra!

  9. Kent, That was a great action story. I loved the BAM’s and CLICK’s. If that was the dentist who was shooting, he’ll no doubt now be working on teeth at the prison for a long while. Dawn wrote in her intro to this weeks story that Ted’s photo is in a place called Friday Harbor not far from her. She included it in her story. Ted wrote in a comment that he’s going to tell more about the location. Well written as always. 🙂 —Susan

  10. Dear Q,

    Better a shot in the dark than a shot in the gums, eh? Hickman’s not a drill seeker. Dentus interruptus. L’chaim.

    Chief out.

  11. duskyisbeautiful says:

    Bam! you hit the bull’s eye. Nice one as always…

  12. rgayer55 says:

    BAM! POW! ZOWIE! You could write for the old Batman TV show. Hope your dental visit went well yesterday. I got a call from the Judge’s office. They want me to report for jury duty on Tuesday. Perhaps I’ll get detained along the way like Hickman.

    • wmqcolby says:

      Yes, it did go well. I’ll need a wisdom tooth pulled, but I have had that hanging over my head for a couple of years. Need to get it done. Would you believe that I worked with a guy at my station (he’s retired now) who used to actually DO those Batman titles? He said he worked for an animation company that 20th Century Fox had contracted to make the action titles for the series. Pretty cool. In fact, he retired to the Ozarks!

      Thanks for reading, Russell. Have fun at jury duty!

  13. subroto says:

    KA-POW!! Ya got me there. An enjoyable read. The things you gotta do to avoid dental appointments, I am with him right there.

  14. Amy Reese says:

    Kent, so funny! Great story. BAM BAM!! I had to get that out of my system. I’m with this guy. I always resist the dentist! It’s never any fun even if I get a good checkup.

    • wmqcolby says:

      Well, I like mine. He’s got good people. I floss every day and get cleanings every six months. My teeth aren’t rotting but they are wearing down. Now, if I could just do the same with the rest if my health …

      Thanks for reading, Amy! 🙂

  15. Yes.. sometimes you do anything to avoid what’s worse..

  16. Hmm, seems like a lot of trouble to avoid the dentist! Very amusing, Kent.

  17. Good decision there. But he’ll need to go sooner or later.

  18. Nan Falkner says:

    Dear Kent, Great, story, Bam, Bam Thug! Think I sound like a Batman clip! You are so funny! Believe me, I totally agree with you! Have a good week! Nan 🙂

  19. I think that justifies missing a dentist appointment. I was running with him – well written 🙂

  20. Sarah Ann says:

    Possible death or dentist? I really want to know what his formative dental experiences have been to make Hickman that scared.

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