A Lesson In Ancient Civilizations


Once again, fellow bloggists, I am in summer reruns.  

For those of you who are new to Friday Fictioneers, I hope you will enjoy this story as it fits the prompt quite nicely.  I always try to select some story that will blend into the subject well, not just slap something on there regardless… although that WOULD be a plus, wouldn’t it?  Then again, I’d be in trouble with the Queen (can you get any lower than Court Jester?).  

So, from May 14th of last year, I bring you A Lesson In Ancient Civilizations.

Concerning the photo — Roger Bultot  took it.  Thanks, Roger, wherever you are! 

Concerning the blog — Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the leader of the expedition.  Check her out on Friday Fictioneers!

Concerning the story — As Gene Roddenberry said, “For us?  No limits.”


“Must be over 1000 years old.  Look at the style of the buildings.”

“Yeah, the computer would say the same thing.”

“You don’t suppose some kind of neutron explosion took place, do you?”

“I ain’t seen no skeletons … yet.”

A huge roar, overtook the woods.

“What’s that sound …?”


A voice called out from behind the roar.  “Come on, Bud.  I got to mow this before the snakes start nesting around here.”

“OK, Dad.”  Bud looked at Charlie.  “Wanna go play Frisbee instead?”

Bud’s friend’s eyes lit up.  “Yeah!  We’ll pretend it’s a flying saucer on its way to Mars!”


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28 Responses to A Lesson In Ancient Civilizations

  1. Nan Falkner says:

    Cute story – how did he get out of lawn mowing duty? Good trick. Thanks, Nan 🙂

    • wmqcolby says:

      Easy. The grass was too tall for a regular mower, needed a tractor. How do I know? My dad mowed all ten acres of our land with a tractor and it was an old tractor deemed “unsafe.” Even now, at 87 years young, he loves mowing on a tractor.

  2. Dear Cuz,

    Still a good one. Little boys and their imaginations. Cute.



  3. rgayer55 says:

    Tough choice, mowing or frisbee. Hmm . . . I’ll go with the latter.

  4. Definitely Frisbee over mowing. Or Frisbee golf. I always hated mowing when I was a kid, and I still hate it. Cute story!

  5. subroto says:

    Noting like a bit of lawn mowing to get the day started. What? Maybe when they grow up they’ll appreciate Zen and the Art of Lawn Maintenance. Nice imaginative story about nice imaginative boys.

  6. Sandra says:

    Little boys in a world of their own. Wait till they grow a little… 🙂

  7. K.Z. says:

    there must be something wrong with my head. i read this in such a way that there were teeny tiny aliens inside the flying saucer which they mistook as a Frisbee. oh well… the important thing is that I had fun reading this 🙂 great story.

    • wmqcolby says:

      Hahaha! Wanna see your initial response to this story back when it was published?

      “awwww this was so cute. it’s awesome how some of your stories make me not wanna have kids (like the time Rachael peed in the refrigerator) and how some of them (like this one) makes me really wanna have them, lol really adorable story :)”

  8. Amy Reese says:

    Cute story, Kent. Kids have such a great imagination! I’ll take Frisbee over mowing any day.

  9. Ah.. I guess there are good ways of convincing little boys to play elsewhere 😉

  10. Such a playful feel to this one, Kent. I like the way the boys get out of work so creatively!

  11. I tried to get my kid to mow for years. I finally gave up!

  12. Kent, Cute story with good dialog. Dad should have a better helper in a year or two. Well written. 🙂 —Susan

  13. seanfallon01 says:

    Excellent work chief 😃

  14. shanx says:

    Cute story 🙂 Good one!

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