Mob Rule


When I saw this picture, it made me think of loss of identity for some reason.

The story title isn’t the best, but it’ll do.  Maybe Nick Rapelli should have kept his mouth shut.  I guess the Witness Protection Plan isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Godmother Rochelle Wisoff-Fields puts out the hits on Friday Fictioneers, but still leaves me the cannoli (she’s allergic to sugar).

Dawn Landau gave us this great picture!  Thanks, Dawn.


“Pete Thompson.”

“Right.  Get used to it.”

Nervously, Nick Rapelli trembled, repeating his new name.  “Pete Thompson.”

“The car’s right outside, Mister Thompson.”  The agent led Rapelli out the door.

Rapelli slid into the back of the sedan.  “I can’t thank you boys enough.  Where are we going, driver?”

The driver started the engine. “Rainbow City.”

A wave of fear hit Rapelli.   “Rainbow City?  They found Oscar Mazzarelli encased in cement there.”

“You win the prize, Rapelli. Too bad.  You shouldn’t have fingered Tony Gardello and sent him to Leavenworth.”

The car returned from Rainbow City minus one nervous passenger.

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46 Responses to Mob Rule

  1. Whoops! I think it was “Double Jeopardy”; category, “Who let the dogs out?” I have to admit I’d love to know how your mind got from the photo to your story, but maybe you shouldn’t tell me or you’d have to kill me.


  2. elmowrites says:

    Ouch! Those agents need to be a bit more careful, methinks. One thing’s for sure – we probably won’t get anyone else going down this particular road from the picture. I love the inkblot test this challenge provides each week!

  3. wmqcolby says:

    Jen, that’s probably the BEST description I have heard of this — “inkblot.” 😀
    Thanks for reading!

  4. helenmidgley says:

    great bit of story telling again 🙂

  5. From Nick Rapelli to Pete Thompson – funny! Be careful who you turn your back on! Kudos for this week’s submission to FF.

  6. plaridel says:

    ok, i got it. the old woman in the picture was actually rapelli in disguise. as to how he was able to get away, that’s another story.

  7. He was asking for it! 🙂

    Perhaps in Rainbow City, he was introduced to a crotchety old women with a club in her hand? 😛

  8. so Pete doesn’t get to repeat.

    great tone to the story, dialogue and humor.
    two cement encasements up.

    I guess the ladyin the pic is Mother Rapelli looking somewhere over the rainbow city for her son.

  9. I’m always intrigued to see where your story will go, Kent. Knowing the details of this photo, this story is particularly creative! Poor Mr. Thompson.

  10. Sandra says:

    I expect his stay in Rainbow City was all that he deserved. How you got there from he prompt I can’t see, but I still enjoyed it, Kent.

  11. liz young says:

    Good story – that old lady is obviously the graveyard attendant, though each grave must contain a multitude of corpses.

  12. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Kent,

    This was an excellent story. Loved the reference to Clemenza’s crew in The Godfather in your intro. Great stuff. We all have to die sometime, some earlier than they might want. Love it.



  13. Dear Kent,

    However you got to this story from that prompt is as immaterial as your witness protection program. And you know how I am about the prompt, right? Of course right! I lift my coffee cup in memory of Rapelli, the man in cement overshoes…he now sleeps with the fishes. Nicely done.



  14. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Kent,

    P.S> Your title should have been, ….Get the Canoli.



  15. Don’t mess with the mob – seems Nick Rapelli is learning the hard way. Great story

  16. Great story, well told. Poor Nick doesn’t need to learn his new name.

  17. Must admit, I saw where you were headed quite early on. Still, that does not distract from the fact that your story brought a smile to my face. Thank you.

  18. rgayer55 says:

    Somewhere under Rainbow City
    covered in flies,
    poor Nick Rapelli choked on spaghetti
    Oh, what a way to die.

  19. Never mess with the mob..minus one is never good.

    • wmqcolby says:

      Indeed it is not. He went over the rainbow —- and under the water.

      Before I forget: Latest on IKEA in Kansas — still crowded, traffic bad around that area. Must … have … MEATBALLS!

  20. Perry Block says:

    Wow, I felt like I was watching Goodfellas. And You win the prize, Rapelli!

  21. Kent, I think the Feds should check for informers in their organization. They may have trouble in future getting anyone to testify when word gets around. No happy ending there. Good and well written story.. 🙂 —Susan

  22. Nan Falkner says:

    Don’t believe the authorities if they say they can protect you. It’s best to not snitch – but if you do, take care of the arrangements yourself to get out of town and don’t take your damn phone with you. Good one Kent! Nan 🙂

  23. Amy Reese says:

    Wow, what a story and creative take. It’s all in what you see. I can see loss of identity in this picture, or searching for something. An unexpected ending for you splendid storytelling. Well done!

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