No FF Today, but MUSIC!

Hey, gang,

I know you usually come here for a 100-word story, but my creative complex got more complicated.  I will have a story next week, though.

I want to share with you a video from a very dear couple I know in Israel named Nail and Irina Abdumalikov.  They are budding recording artists there.  The song they have done here is a  … well, just a neat song.  It’s in Russian, but don’t let that throw you.  The song title (in English) is called “My Captain.”  Please play it and tell me what you think.  If you can share it with others, please do.  They are quite talented people and I think this song would hit the charts (probably the country music charts).

I put this on my blog being as how you, my international friends, would appreciate something like this.


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6 Responses to No FF Today, but MUSIC!

  1. rgayer55 says:

    When comparing to American music, I get a late 60’s – early 70’s feel from the melody. Sort of a Mamas & Papas or 5th Dimension kind of tune in my opinion.

    • wmqcolby says:

      Yes. That sound we associate with the 60’s is still around in Europe and is still in the music. It is a fun song to listen to. It is actually a gospel song.

  2. wmqcolby says:

    Thanks, Patrick! I’ll let them know.

  3. Very pleasant, easy listening.
    Wish I knew the words. Might be nice to sing along.
    How do you know about them? Family? Friends?

  4. wmqcolby says:

    Friends. Irina has a friend named Irena. Irena and I dated for some time. Irina majored in English, even knows some old English poetry by Byron, Keats and Shelley. I thought I’d do a favor for Irina and her family by letting people on my blog see their video. Seems our followers on the FF blog like videos. Why not? Glad you enjoyed the song, Randy.

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