And Never Mind At All

The hotel reminded me of a story idea I had that I couldn’t make work … except for the 100-word format.  It was a challenge, this one.

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields heads this blog.  She writes novels, too.  Start ordering, they’re GREAT!

Marie Gail Stratford sent in this nice pic.  Thanks, Marie Gail.


Broken-hearted over Marnie’s death from cancer, Brian didn’t know what to do. From the time he saw her in Glee Club singing what would be eventually “their song,”  to now …  she was his life.

At the concert in Marnie’s honor, their daughter, Jenny, singing in the same group her mom sang in 30 years prior, made this announcement.

“Ladies and gentlemen,  I will now sing for you my parents’ favorite song … dedicated to my dad.”

Brian’s sadness ceased as he heard his Marnie’s voice in those poignant lyrics.

“If they gave me a fortune / my pleasure would be small …”


Enjoy this video.

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48 Responses to And Never Mind At All

  1. storydivamg says:

    I’m glad the story finally made it to your blog and glad that my photo was the catalyst.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

  2. Mike says:

    Seek and you shall find. A sad story with a good end.

  3. Dale says:

    Sweet. Memories brought back through his daughter.

  4. Lovely story Kent. That was a difficult sentiment to capture but you did it very nicely

  5. Jan Brown says:

    Lovely story! I also enjoyed the video, equally lovely.

  6. Sandra says:

    I loved the Seekers, and your heart-wrenching story too, Kent. Well done.

  7. IfeomaO says:

    Glee! I love how sweet and gentle your take on it was- it wouldn’t be worth it if it wasn’t a challenge :).

  8. Dear Kent,

    What a sweet story and song to match to start my day. Well done. And you know how much I really do love The Seekers.



  9. wmqcolby says:

    Yeah, I figured you would like it. 😉
    The vid is pretty well-edited, too. Whoever did it did a fine job. The clips are cool, well-integrated.

  10. Lovely story, very touching.

  11. draliman says:

    Quite a sad story, but also sweet as the daughter sings her tribute.

    • wmqcolby says:

      It’s amazing how talent and ability can be passed on to the next generation. I think of Lisa Marie Presley. She’s every bit as talented as her old man was. The only difference, though, is she could never be the breakout artist he was because, at the time, what he did was revolutionary.

  12. helenmidgley says:

    I choked up a little there, such a sad tale but lovely too 🙂

  13. gahlearner says:

    Sad and sweet, a whole lifestory in these 100 words. Beautiful writing.

  14. wmqcolby says:

    Thank-you VERY much, Gabriele. It’s been awhile since I have written a story like this. What am I saying??? Since I have written ANY story like this in almost short of a year. 😀

  15. elmowrites says:

    Aww, everyone’s getting all romantic this week. Moving stuff, and I can’t even listen to the video.

  16. wmqcolby says:

    Well, they do have some people jumping off buildings this week, too. haha! But, yeah, it seems to be that way, doesn’t it? Thanks, Jen.

  17. d3athlily says:

    This was just so beautiful and sad. I don’t think you need to change anything. It seems perfect just the way it is.

  18. This is lovely Kent. I really enjoyed it.

  19. plaridel says:

    great story. made me tear up. pass the tissue, please.

  20. Such a beautiful story, I loved how you told it. And the music fits perfectly, reminder of a happier times. It always seems times were happier when we were young.

  21. Good story, Kent. Thanks for the lovely music. It brought back memories.. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne

  22. wmqcolby says:

    Thanks, Suzanne. I like the song and the story was based on my college experiences (not specifically, though). It’s fun.

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