A Bright Idea

A little bit of the old-fashioned here.

Mary Shipman sent us this wonderful pic. Thank-you, Mary.

This story first appeared March 30th, 2013 and again on August 15th, 2014.  Always remember that, if you read AND comment, I will do the same for you.  Reciprocation.  It builds audiences for everyone.

Now, let’s see if I got it right this time.

Mary Shipman1.jpg

I couldn’t find Grandma’s kerosene lamps anywhere!  I looked all over.  Nothing.  Those lamps had history for her and Grandpa.  When the power went out at her house, he brought them to her kitchen along with a marriage proposal.

When I arrived home, I discovered Peggy in my kitchen with Grandma’s lamps glowing on the kitchen island!

“Surprise!  I was in the neighborhood and your Grandma let me in.  She said you’d need these …?”

I sure did.  Peggy’s face beamed brighter than the flame in the lamps. I knelt down at her feet and placed a ring on her finger.



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67 Responses to A Bright Idea

  1. Oh I do remember the other image and the story… it is a wonderful and sweet happy end, We need those stories, but I seem unable to write them.. thank you for the sweetness…

  2. oldentimes says:

    Lovely! 5 lighted chimneys!

  3. oldentimes says:

    And thank you as well, glad you liked the photo.

  4. wmqcolby says:

    Thank-you. It just screamed “romance.”

  5. Mike says:

    Great to see what worked for one generation can still work for another. An interesting take on the prompt, like it. Mike

  6. The Voice says:

    Sometimes it’s nice when history repeats itself. Very sweet story.

  7. subroto says:

    So is this the third time he is asking her? I hope she finally accepts 😛

  8. wmqcolby says:

    Barrump-BUMP! pssshhh!

  9. Sandra says:

    Yes, I remember the story and the image that went with it. You ol’ romantic you! 🙂

  10. draliman says:

    Lovely story, very sweet!

  11. IfeomaO says:

    Sounds like my mum and dad lol, well done- you definitely have a sweet side. Hope Bjorn and I can find ours 🙂

  12. Dear Kent,

    Interesting family tradition…L’dor v’dor and L’or v’or. 😉 Sweet.



  13. wmqcolby says:

    Thank-you. L’olam va-ed … FRED!

  14. jellico84 says:

    Beautiful… absolutely just square on beautiful!

  15. rgayer55 says:

    Dear Kent,
    I can just hear your female audience whispering, “Awwww …” Before we know it, you’ll be a regular contributor to True Romance or one of those grocery-store tabloids. You do this very well. If I had written it they guy would have had a speech impediment and the girl a voice like Fran Drescher.
    Woemance Novelist,
    Monty Failmore

  16. wmqcolby says:

    Hahahahaha! Yeah, I could, in my writing, possibly rip a bodice or two … or more. You just have to go with your best pitch, whatever works. I’m sure Connie could fill in the blanks herself of some of you two’s “exploits” but I’ll let you take it from there. 😉

  17. plaridel says:

    i truly enjoyed this story. perfect in every detail including the title. well done.

  18. wmqcolby says:

    Thanks, Plaridel. I like to rerun a story or two for new audiences.

  19. gahlearner says:

    This is so sweet and romantic. I love a good happy end.

  20. Jan Brown says:

    This is beautiful! Russell is right–I said “awwwww.” How could I not? Wonderful story, Kent.

  21. wmqcolby says:

    Thanks, Trish. It was a fun story to write. 🙂

  22. Awwwwww! and I’m not a female. Lovely and gentle. Bravo.

  23. Such a happy moment for Peggy. Nice take

  24. wmqcolby says:

    Thank-you for coming to read, Shaktiki!

    I did get your name right, yes?

  25. Amy Reese says:

    A lovely, charming story. It’s especially sweet because the lamp is in the family. I given this 5 of 5 shimmering lights!

  26. “What a sweet story,” she added. “What a wonderfully romantically charming story.”

  27. wmqcolby says:

    You like to talk in book, I see. Well, said I, thank-you very much for your kind words. 😀

  28. mjlstories says:

    This is lovely! Mighty twists in stories are great, but I think letting the reader get there just a fraction before that last reveal is harder to get right. Worked for me!

  29. wmqcolby says:

    Rochelle tells me I have a habit of “ruining a moment” in real life with a glib line or snide remark or something. So, I am putting it to a good and better use. 😀

    Thanks for reading, M.J.

  30. ansumani says:

    Looks like grandma wants to become a great-grandmother soon and is nudging the grandson gently 🙂 Lovely and sweet story.

    • wmqcolby says:

      Well, that’s not a bad idea, really. I had the notion of the grandson being a small-town farm-boy type, not necessarily a farmer and Peggy being the sweet girl who lives down from him. She probably wears overhauls but I’ll bet she looks great in a dress at the Saturday Night Dance.

  31. I remember this story, Kent. It’s a good one. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • wmqcolby says:

      Thanks, Suzanne. One thing I have learned with blogs, even with fictional ones, is repeating content is always a good thing for new audiences.

  32. wmqcolby says:

    I’m glad you do. Thanks, Dawn! 🙂

  33. Margaret says:

    Terrific story – he’s an old softie I think. Lucky Peggie.

  34. wmqcolby says:

    You know that Peggy is the derivation of Margaret, yes? You saw right through it. 😉

    Thanks, Margaret for your nice comments!

  35. Such a tender, sweet story, Kent. I love the history behind the lantern and the continuation of a lovely tradition. Nice job!

    • wmqcolby says:

      Thanks, Dawn! I don’t know where the idea came from or why, even to this day, but it seemed to work. Thank-you for your nice comments. 🙂

  36. Oh, what a beautiful story, Kent! I love the atmosphere, the romance, the tradition of it … perfectly done! (Sorry I didn’t stop by last week – I was running around, barely read anything online. Trying to catch up.)

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