Airing Live From The Ozarks!

Folks, Rochelle and I will be going live on Facebook tonight for all you FF Gang members in the Americas.  Check in on her Facebook page, send your comments as you would any other posting and we’ll respond to them LIVE!  Also, if you miss, Facebook will post it as a video, so you can watch it.

This is just an experiment — we hope to do more soon.

Also, there will be a SPECIAL LIVE AIRING for those of you on the other side of the globe.  We will promote that later on, we have to see if THIS airing will work first.


To all of you who decided to come see what I wrote without me posting on the Inlinkz page, there is no story from me this week.

Also a sincere apology to those who were SO kind to comment on last week’s story and I didn’t respond nor read any of yours in return.  You know how much I love you all and enjoy your contributions.  I have had family come in … Uncle Oscar’s daughters, Gini and Pat!  So, I was pretty occupied.  In fact, they loved your comments on his stories (which they have heard thousands of times) and thank all of you for being so nice about his “exploits” in the realm of life.

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