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The Late Early Bloomer

Photo provided by Shaktiki Sharma. This story originally appeared May 1, 2013. We get Jack Hibbler’s shocking account about finding out what his dad’s dying words, “Jack, you should never have been born,” REALLY meant. I guess you don’t mess with forces … Continue reading

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The Peace Summit

Originally published August 12th, 2016. Two people meet. Each has a legacy of hatred for the other, handed to them from being on opposite sides of a great war. It is Christmas Eve and they meet in a church as … Continue reading

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Controversy (Oh, Yes, I Remember It Well)

Thanks to Roger Bultot for this wonderful picture. +++++ “Oh, we remember THIS place, don’t we?” “Yes.  My date didn’t show and Julie, bless her, sat down with me after her shift.” “No, I sat down with you.” “You did?” … Continue reading

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They Shoot Humans, Don’t They? Well, Not Exactly …

Ever wonder what horses talk about when they gather around the daily oats? Rochelle knows … and she took this picture here to prove it. +++++   The horses, Harry, Lightning and Hurricane gathered at the trough. “So, that stupid … Continue reading

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Stood Up?

The view of this picture reminds me of a really cool restaurant I visited in Haifa.  It overlooked the Mediterranean.  So, since it reminded me of a restaurant, I thought I’d dig out an oldie.  This story first appeared on … Continue reading

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