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It Was A Very Good Year

This picture comes to us courtesy of a one Al Forbes.  Thanks, Al. From November 6, 2014, comes this story, extensively re-written.  I don’t know if it’s a superior version or not, I just know I drug it out of … Continue reading

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You Got Another “Think” Coming

  Presenting Dale Rogerson’s photo, everyone.  Thanks, Dale. Dale’s photo here reminded me of something futuristic, so I thought I’d write something science fiction-y.  A “thought conversation,” if you please. Why do I picture this happening to the Sonic Guys, … Continue reading

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Well … What Are You Gonna Do?

On September 13, 2013, I published the first of what would be a series called Seven Days In Jerusalem.  The story was called “Sheitel.”  In it, the “Tourist” comes to meet his old friend, “Chaim Glicksman,” to catch up on … Continue reading

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“The Eternal One Does Not Deceive”

This story originally appeared on July 7, 2015. Photo graciously provided by our wonderful Sandra Crook.  Thank-you, Sandra! The image reminded me of some of the equipment of an old agronomy compound I visited back in October of 2014 (now an historical … Continue reading

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