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MAN! I Need Glasses

Thanks, Janet for this great photo. Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is in charge … not of laundry. +++++++++ From down below, I saw her brown-haired head pop out of the fire escape window.  “Excuse me, sir, I’m … uh … locked in … Continue reading


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Kent’s Problem

  I like writing stories based on anecdotes a lot of times, as you have read in the past.   This one is not true. Great photo, Danny Bowman! Rochelle Wisoff-Fields operates this Flash Fiction store.  Please check for coupons. … Continue reading

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A Lesson In Ancient Civilizations

  Concerning the photo — Sarah Ann Hall took it.  Thanks, Sarah!  I like it! Concerning the blog — Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the leader of the expedition. Concerning the story — As Gene Roddenberry said, “For us?  No limits.” ++++++++++ … Continue reading

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The Best Shopping Day Ever!

Ted Strutz, what a cool picture!  Lots of colors. Queen Rochelle Wisoff-Make Me Fields So Young, this one’s for all the guys. +++++ “Why do I  feel like I walked into Bozo the Clown’s nightmare?”   “We’re just going to … Continue reading

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The Late Early Bloomer

The artistry of Gaudi is timeless.  It’s as fresh and new today as it was over 100 years ago.  Timelessness is also something young Jack Hibbler found out about his dad, Ben, back in 1987.  Ben died the day before … Continue reading

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