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Batteries in A Jar

 +++++ “I got tired of her leaving things lying around, so I put them in her best cookie jar.” Now, I heard everything — batteries in a cookie jar.  “You have a death wish, Stan?” “Rick, listen.  Two years of … Continue reading

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100 Word Fiction – Pane In The Butt

A gracious man stopped by to help Bob push it out of the ditch. “Las Vegas, Nevada?” “Yes.” “Visiting?” “New job. Haven’t had time to change the plates yet.” “Believe me, the weather around here gets tricky.  All four seasons … Continue reading


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100 Word Fiction – Sunglasses at Night

An unusually cool Texas night saw the lining of tents along the street corner.  One in particular caught his eye.  He ran to The Sunglasses Tent and plopped down the money for a pair of Raybands.  “Who do I look … Continue reading

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Dated – 100 Word Fiction

My first date in ten years … and my sister constantly telling me Sara is the best woman for me ever.  Sis and Sara were friends since high school and Sara was a good friend of the family.  Oh yeah!  … Continue reading

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