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A Pane In Da Butt

Rochelle Fields Captain of the Enterprise  Buy her books. She also took this picture outside her window. This was the actual “first appearance” of someone I call “Weatherman Bob.” This story first appeared  November 10, 2012.  Enjoy. +++++ A gracious … Continue reading

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Son And Fun In El Salvador

Rochelle”Rocky the Flying Squirrel” Wisoff – Fields, Captain of FF Airlines,  also has AWESOME reading material for your flight, so buy a novel of hers — or THREE. They’re great! Rich Voza sent the pic. This story (with a little … Continue reading

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The Key Of G Demolished

This story (with a couple of words changed) first appeared June 12, 2013. It’s a perfect example of … well, I’ll let YOU make the call. 🙂 Of note:  Rochelle Wisoff-In-F-Fields conducting. On drums:  John Nixon, who posted this picture, thanks! … Continue reading

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Could It Be …?

This will definitely raise some eyebrows because such things do happen in real life.  I’m not saying yea or nay, just addressing the subject of a conversation I had with someone many years ago. Rochelle runs  FF Central. Doug MacIlroy’s picture … Continue reading

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Well, An Order IS An Order …

Due to the wonderfully tremendous response I got from you folks on the ”antics” (to put it mildly) of my late uncle, Oscar Moss, I thought it appropriate to tell another one.  Again, a true story. Rochelle’s the blogomeistress, Piya … Continue reading

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