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Tune In Tomorrow

Nothing was campier than the old Batman TV series with Adam West and Burt Ward. A nod to a one Mike “Franko” Franklin of Kansas City who came up with the ending line some thirty years ago for his comedy … Continue reading

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The Gangster Fortune

“Green door, what’s that secret you’re keepin’?” OK, so the door isn’t green, but there IS a secret behind it. Blog Queen Rochelle rules this kingdom of words and prose. C.E. Ayr, the Mad Scotsman, provided the picture.  I think … Continue reading

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Two Sopranos (formerly titled: Don’t Even THINK About It!)

I was a music major (see my bio for confirmation) and it’s highly competitive in college in order to get distinction on your comps.   I just got “dis-stink.”  Actually, I’m a pretty decent musician.  Functional, anyway. This story is … Continue reading

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Elvis Has Got To Go … BAD!

Hi.  It’s me again. The following story is true, everything said actually happened (as in, I couldn’t have written this because it’s too funny).  I feel I have blundered into Russell Territory. Thanks, Jean, for the great photo.  Nostalgic to … Continue reading

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