Kansas City Oysters


from-roger bultot.jpg

This picture, provided by Roger Boltot, made me think of the Kauffman Center in Kansas City.  It’s a beautiful venue, but more important is the man who gave the money, Ewing Kauffman.  When I got the idea for this story, I went to do some research and whattya know!  TODAY, as I write this, September 21 — is Ewing Kauffman’s 100th birthday anniversary!  Who knew?  I certainly didn’t!  Thanks, Mr. K.

Below is an anecdote about one of his labs’ inventions.  After the story, you’ll see a link as to what Ewing Kauffman’s secret formula for true business success was.


He sat down and wrote it on a napkin.  His labs had made the supplement simply from oyster shells.

So, how to promote it?

Of course, this was a problem he maybe never anticipated as a former pharmaceutical salesman, who, in the beginning, filled bottles, labeled them with his company name and took to the streets of the medical world from his home garage.

Imagine. The founder of Marion Labs, now a huge and highly successful operation, writing a promotional on a napkin!


“Enjoy your oysters

We bid thee well

You need the protein

We need the shell



This link is called Leadership The Marion Way.  You want to know how to truly be successful, this is it.  Be inspired and go create your own businesses!


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I, Interview

Like Ray Bradbury said about Fahrenheit 451, he was writing to PREVENT the future, not predict it.  And, I doubt I’m the first to think of this idea, so …

This story contains no artificial ingredients.  In short, no rewrites.  It is what it is as I put it down on cyber paper.  Photo by Shaktiki Sharma.  They reminded me of little swimming pool robot cleaner-uppers instead of grindstones.  Mea culpa.



“They did … what??”

“They copied my synapses.  You see, since stuff is run by machines now, all they have to do is interview someone … like me … and copy my responses so the machine can run with human-type responses.”

Al thought a minute.  “And they can actually do that now?”

Charlie lit a cigarette.  “Yup.  Best part is, they pay me a royalty for using my brain patterns in the robot.  So, I get paid and I ain’t got to do nothing.”

“And if the robot breaks down?”

Charlie about dropped his cig.  “Holy cow, I never thought of that.”


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A Match Made In Heaven

When I saw the picture, I remembered both grandmothers had one of these.

I also remember when Rochelle made me this very wonderful thing on her own sewing machine.  So, I wrote a story about it.  See the pictures of it after the story.

This first appeared on July 25, 2013.

Photo by the wonderfully gifted Sandra Crook.


At her Hanukkah party, Shelly gave her cousin Chaim two wonderful presents:  a homemade gold-fringed prayer shawl and an introduction to her friend, Nina Abramova.  Nina admired both the shawl and Chaim.  They sat at the table noshing on potato pancakes while Chaim offered Nina rich and meaningful conversation all night long.

On their wedding day, no one at the synagogue could find the canopy, just the poles.

Nina panicked.  “What are we going to do?”

Chaim smiled, removed his shawl, attached each corner of it to the poles with rubber bands.  “It brought us together once, now forever.”


Handmade, hand-painted, done by master craftswoman Rochelle who became a writer. This is my MOST prized possession.   Next to my Lost In Space Robot toy from Remco.

(Yes, I can hear Rochelle saying already — “My hard work playing second fiddle to a ROBOT????”)

Well … it WAS there first.  ;)  And as beautiful as it is, unlike the story, it’s not a chick magnet.  Still, though, I love it.


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Fire And Water

OK, I couldn’t resist.

Since the lot of you have written about violence, I thought I’d re-run this piece of tale from September 3, 2014 that has a DIFFERENT theme.  This story was WAY out of my comfort zone when I wrote it.


Photo by Vijaya Sundaram



The sound of running water.

Jake stepped into the shower and wrapped his arms around his beautiful bride of three weeks.

More running water.

Laura’s hot, soapy skin caressed him as he turned her around, raised her arms above her head by the wrists, and pressed her against the tiles.  Hot water cascaded between them. His breathing got heavier, passion and ecstasy about to burst.

A trickle and two splashes.

Awww …. NO!

A tiny girl’s voice emanated from the other side of the shower curtain. “Daddy, wipe me. I’m finished.”

Even newly married, the life of a single dad continued.


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Boy, Did We Get A Wrong Number!

Well, I’m back and as you see I have been away for awhile.  Rochelle, her husband, Jan, and I were at the Ozark Writer’s League conference in Branson, MO.  Rochelle won a prize for her art, and I won a door prize OF art — a little clay-made owl by Ronda Del Boccio. Rochelle and I did a radio play from the Baby Snooks Show of 1948 that starred Funny Lady Fanny Brice.  Rochelle was Snooks, I played the part radio actor Hanley Stafford played — Snooks’ dad (with his perpetual headache of a daughter).  We had a great time! See the video on YouTube and you’ll see what we look and talk like!

OK, the story.  This is a true story and it fit the photo because, well … you just can’t make up this stuff!

Photo by Georgia Koch.



The police report came through to the news assignment desk at WMXT.

“Mike Bradley, 38, found dead in Lake Quivira due to boating accident.”

The news sent producer Amy and associate producer Angie, into a stunned silence.  Mike Bradley was their Assignment Editor!  And he had a boat at Lake Quivira!

“Angie, you don’t suppose …”

“Lemme get this. I’ll call the house. ”

Angie dialed the phone.  Mike Bradley’s voice answered.  “This is Mike.”

Angie sighed.  “Oh, Mike!  I’m SO happy to hear your voice!”

Mike chuckled, “I’m so happy that you thought of me as still being 38 years old!”


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Ok, So It Didn’t Go As Thought

I guess the Live Airing in the Ozarks was a bust.  But, we had a great time at Ozark Writers League Conference in Branson.  Russell, you should have been there.

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Airing Live From The Ozarks!

Folks, Rochelle and I will be going live on Facebook tonight for all you FF Gang members in the Americas.  Check in on her Facebook page, send your comments as you would any other posting and we’ll respond to them LIVE!  Also, if you miss, Facebook will post it as a video, so you can watch it.

This is just an experiment — we hope to do more soon.

Also, there will be a SPECIAL LIVE AIRING for those of you on the other side of the globe.  We will promote that later on, we have to see if THIS airing will work first.


To all of you who decided to come see what I wrote without me posting on the Inlinkz page, there is no story from me this week.

Also a sincere apology to those who were SO kind to comment on last week’s story and I didn’t respond nor read any of yours in return.  You know how much I love you all and enjoy your contributions.  I have had family come in … Uncle Oscar’s daughters, Gini and Pat!  So, I was pretty occupied.  In fact, they loved your comments on his stories (which they have heard thousands of times) and thank all of you for being so nice about his “exploits” in the realm of life.

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