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She’s All Over The Place

True story, but who’d believe it?   +++++   As Inspector at Scotland Yard, I saw lots of strange and bizarre things.  For example, we had a case of where a man killed his wife, cut her up and threw … Continue reading

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The Ride Of A Lifetime

+++++ Willie saw the impressive turnout for the memorial service. An older gentleman turned to him and asked, “You had family on the train?” “Yes, my grandfather.  You?” “Yes, I actually was on the train.  Lived here in London since.”  … Continue reading


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Ah!  The Queen’s palette.  Thought I recognized it.  😉 So, how do we paint a word picture?  A lot of people have been doing it this way and this is only one guy out of millions over the years. +++++ … Continue reading

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How Did I Miss This?

I graduated high school 40 years ago this year.  Apparently, 1980 was a different time than I thought.  Thanks to Jean Hays for this neat pic! +++++ TO: Wm. Colby, Esq., USA FROM: Harlington-Straker Studios DATE:  September 13th, 1980 Esteemed … Continue reading

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Rip And Read

The picture reminded me of mornings when I was growing up and Dad being the first one in the kitchen with coffee and the radio turned on —- LOUD.   Glad those days are over! Speaking of radio, there’s a … Continue reading

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English Toffee

Thanks to Na’aman Yehuda for this nice pic (or Todah rabbah, of course). To our cousins across the pond — if they (or YOU) can spot the references that I put in the story along with some other “goodies,”  you … Continue reading

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Whose Names I Don’t Know

Thanks to Cuzzin’ Shelley for this nice pic. Whenever I see a window, I think of someone looking out seeing whatever they want or wish they could see.  So, I thought of a guy sitting by his window looking up … Continue reading

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Tune In Tomorrow

Another blast from the past.  Thanks, Ted, for the photo, always intriguing. Also a shout out to a one Mike Franklin whom I knew many years ago, who is responsible for this. +++++ I called my brother.  He came over, … Continue reading

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Boy, Did WE Get A Wrong Number

Photo by CE Ayr.  Thanks, CE. An anecdote from days of my working in the news biz.  Originally published August 27, 2016.  Please enjoy! +++++ The police report came through to the news assignment desk at WMXT. “Mike Bradley, 38, … Continue reading

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Git ‘er DONE!

Thanks, Jan Fields, for this really intriguing pic.  A bit of a challenge, but here we go! Americans will get it and not be amused. Europeans will not get it and will STILL not be amused. OK, so it’s probably … Continue reading

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