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Second Star To The Right …

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, Queen of FF Central invites you to try this wonderfully addicting blog. Jennifer Pendergast sent us this super photo. I can’t wait to see what you’ll write about it! Since the architecture has inspired me to write something … Continue reading

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An Adult Education

I couldn’t make this work until inspiration hit me.  Something sentimental?  No, too boring — and nobody likes being bored.  Something paranormal?  No, we’ll probably get enough of those this week.  Something at work I heard about?  Ah!  I leaped … Continue reading

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My Summer Vacation: Rosita

In January 23 of 2013, I wrote a story called My Summer Vacation.  On February 6 of that same year, I wrote a follow-up called Son and Fun In El Salvador.  Both were written from different viewpoints.  Now, I reveal … Continue reading

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For Those “In-The-Know”

    A lake, under best of circumstances, can look very nice. When it starts drying up, a lot of rather unappetizing things get exposed, making it kind of gross in the looks department.   The same goes for television.  … Continue reading

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