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Kent’s Problem

This story first appeared  May 19, 2013. And my name is really not William Q. Colby, it’s just the name of the blog. My real name is Kent Bonham. Great photo, J. Hardy Carroll! Rochelle Wisoff-Fields operates this Flash Fiction … Continue reading

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The Ride of A Lifetime

EXPLANATION OF PHOTO:  I took this picture in Bethlehem, Israel.  I was so excited to see a thirty year-old Kansas license plate in the window.  It is from Reno County and the “J” is the first letter of the last … Continue reading

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Whose Names I Don’t Know …

It’s a two-for-one day!  Yes, two stories for the price of one.  An old one and its new concluding sequel. On May 28, 2014, I wrote a story called Second Star On The Right with some explanation below. Before we … Continue reading

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Adult Education

  Today’s photo is courtesy of Claire Sheldon.  Thanks, Claire.  It reminds me of homework and school days. When this story first appeared in its original form on May 21, 2014, it became, and remains, my most commented-on posting.  Let’s … Continue reading

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